Compliment Like a Gentleman

Some don’t like to give compliments. It is customary to dismiss them and not believe them. But in vain, because both men and women love to receive well-deserved praise. Even if they pretend they don’t like it. Therefore, away from prejudices and fears, we learn to say compliments correctly, because “a kind word is also…

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Enough

Positive thinking is, first of all, the ability to maintain concentration, regardless of current circumstances. But in practice, achieving such a state is extremely difficult. It is much easier to think about why bad things constantly happen in our lives and do not achieve the desired results than to focus on the positive aspects, even…

Why Public Speaker MUST Be Emotionally Intelligent

What if the formula for success has changed? And today, in order to reach career heights — in business, science, or even personal life — you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence. What it is? And how to develop it? Background. In 1995, the world shuddered at the news: now, to be…

One-Minute Principle Against Laziness

The One Minute Principle is a Japanese technique that aims to combat procrastination. That is the habit of putting off important things for later. Or start, but eventually abandon, not finishing, because it is no longer relevant, tired, it takes a lot of effort, and so on. Kaizen method. This practice is called kaizen, which…


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